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Match/Mismatch: Blake

Hi, my name is Blake Lewicki and I suffer from dyslexia.It’s a reading and writing and spelling issue. So probably what would be my mismatch would probably be in schoolbeing with not being able to spell or write properly.Probably the…

Match/Mismatch: Elle

Transcript So my name’s Elle I’m just currently finishinga degree in games development recently recently.Just wrote a report last semester aboutdiscrimination, like racism, sexism, and justdiscrimination in games.And then and then multi player games um specifically as well.And I guess…

Match/Mismatch: Joe

Transcript I’m an l1 incomplete paraplegic. I live in Hobart Tasmania and I’ve been a manual wheelchair user since 2009.Ah, I had my injury, skydiving, as I camelevel with the Tasman Bridge here in Hobart.It acted as a windbreak, took the…

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