With, Not For

With, Not For (WnF) is an initiative by the Centre for Inclusive Design. Our CEO Dr Manisha Amin facilitates insightful conversations with the people working in and with communities both in Australia and globally to design a world that works for humans. Our guests are transforming the way we think about inclusion in design and how we learn from each other. This podcast explores what the world can look like when we design with, not for and the magic that happens when we do. Subscribe to our free newsletter here to stay in the loop with all our podcasts and other helpful resources.

Many hands joining together in a center.

EP20: Domestic violence affects all cultures and societies…but are we doing the best for survivors?   

With over 30 years’ experience caring for survivors of domestic and family violence, Arina Aoina challenges the concept of what a refuge is, and can be, and is committed to increasing the overall wellbeing and safety of individuals, families, and…

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