Match / Mismatch.

The Match/Mismatch series is made up of personal stories told by the friends of Centre for Inclusive Design. Launched as part of International Day for People with Disability, Match/Mismatch challenges our preconceived notions of disability. It asks how can we be better at designing for disability to reach inclusion and how can we think about disability differently?

Match/Mismatch explores the questions around matching/mismatching and the role of inclusive design. It rejects the idea of disability as a trait, and instead looks at it as a mismatch between human needs and the design features of a product, built environment, system or service.

Take a listen below, get thinking and start questioning.

A flipping match and questions for infrastructure

Dwayne talks us through the adaptations he made to flippers creating a match and stories of his childhood where ill considered design creates a mismatch.

Dwayne's Transcript (opens in new tab)

Chairs, sport and Hobart; Joe's matches and mismatches.

Joe shares with us the long process he experienced of finding the right wheelchair and how the inclusive movement has enhanced life in Hobart.

Joe's Transcript (opens in new tab)

Creating matches in the world of gaming.

Elle shares with us an example of inclusively designed games: Last of Us Part II , which is second to none when it comes to accessibility.

Elle's transcript (opens in new tab)

Making life easier with Siri and Spellcheck.

Blake reflects upon his experiences at school and how Siri and Spellcheck have made life and learning easier.

Blake's Transcript (opens in new tab)

The match and mismatch of app accessibility

Allan explores the concept of match through his favourite apps, and discusses how 'modernising' design can strip access away and create mismatch.

Assistive tech and the wonders of Siri

Coral walks us through her technology matches - a purpose-made piece of assistive tech, and a customisable one that you probably have in your hand or pocket right now.

Vehicle adaptations enhancing community life

Dan explains how design adaptations to his vehicle have enhanced his community life, and how a simple mismatched design impacts his everyday life.

An Inclusive film making program 'match' bringing joy

Rae shares the joy that a program centred around inclusion has brought her.

An online shopping mismatch

Jack explores how a simple measure of physical design has matched his needs, and how a flaw in digital design has caused mismatch