Inclusive Design Lab

Centre for Inclusive Design is creating a space, where all members of the community can come together to research, develop and design a world for tomorrow, that includes the diversity of our communities

Imagine a space that is Inclusive, accessible and welcomes all members of the community. A space where researchers, innovators and designers can come together with people they could not normally reach to collaborate on projects and test ideas. A space where people who feel unsafe or are left out of the traditional co-design processes because of their age, race, gender, disability, education or other forms of human difference no longer face barriers to engage with new technology.

Centre for Inclusive Design has dared to imagine this space and is making it a reality.

Australia's first Inclusive Design Lab

An Inclusive space to enable innovation for everyone

A welcoming and truly accessible space, enabling the broadest range of people to be involved in research, development and commercialisation processes. It will offer highly inclusive and accessible spaces for open-sourced research to occur in ways that are safe for the communities working in them.

Cutting edge equipment to enable user-driven insights

A SMARTLab will be embedded within the Lab, enabling cutting edge, open-source innovation to occur. It will be fitted with cutting edge technology such as 3D printers for blind users to 'visualise objects' and AR/VR infrastructure for researchers and community groups.

Collaboration incubator to ignite social change

The Inclusive Design Lab will act as the incubation centre for collaboration across academic, industry and government partners. The Lab will also support learnings and linkages to the global SMARTlab network, an academic collective promoting user-driven, transdisciplinary research to ignite social change.

Inclusive Design training and upskilling

Training in the methodology and use of the lab and technologies will be delivered, allowing for inclusive insight to be embedded into all practice. It will be an opportunity for people to familiarise themselves with accessible solutions, leading to increased job generation for both diverse creators and consumers.

Partner with us

We're currently welcoming discussions with partners and co-funders.

If you would like to partner with us, and amplify this work to increase participation and possibility for everyone, fill out to form below and we will be in touch.

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UTS Centre for Social Justice

Social justice is core to University of Technology Sydney's DNA. The Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion is a gateway and incubator for partners and communities to engage with the Universities resources and expertise to maximise social impact.

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SMARTLab is a global network of connected scholars and practitioners created to ignite social change. SMARTLab has 17 incubation spaces globally, promoting user-driven, transdisciplinary research, leveraging creative technology innovations for social change.

Collaboration Partners

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