Leadership and Change

An inclusive workplace comes from within. It should be every leader's priority to ensure they lead an organisation or team, where everyone feels like they belong and are supported to thrive.

Inclusive Design brings together the disciplines of culture, bias, design thinking and technology. It is adaptive to both technology and culture, often unanimously. For leaders within organisations, the key part of the methodology is that of systems thinking - the ability to look at complex problems and solve them in ways that are flexible and nimble. 

Inclusive Design supports:

  • Diversity of markets, customers, ideas, talent
  • Linking social and commercial value
  • Bringing the best out in people by recognising and adapting to their diverse needs

Our future is not about our past success. It's going to be about whether we will invent things that are really going to drive our future” CEO, Microsoft, Satya Nadella


Culture assessment

We give you insights into where your organization is and how to maximize the full potential of your teams. CfID is your partner - a knowledge hub to support you through the journey. 

Audits and reviews

A review of what is working and where the opportunities lie can guide culture policy and practice for leaders. 

Governance and risk

What are the trends and conversations that board members need to be aware of? We join and facilitate that conversation.  

Guest presentations

These presentations are used to move the inclusion from a nice to have conversation to a commercial imperative.  

Inclusive leadership workshops

What is inclusive design, what are the key trends you need to think about and what questions do you need to ask? Our workshops answer these questions to add value to your leadership approach.  

Challenge partnering

We help organisations think differently and provide diversity of thought in a safe environment. 

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