While organisations often look for innovation, not many find it. True innovation through Inclusive Design happens by looking at where design failures exist in current practices.

Organisations like Microsoft, Adobe and Apple have seen the benefit of Inclusive Design as a way to find existing or future challenges and create unique solutions. The beauty is that by designing for the edge, all users can benefit. For example, the first use cases for virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa came from work in voice over, and gesture controls like those used in Smart TVs came from work with carpal tunnel. With these innovative products, a huge range of users benefit from the convenience of them, while edge users in particular benefit by having their unique needs met.

Whether it is a product of service, we work with you to use human diversity as a resource for innovation and better designs.

Inclusive design is the ‘next big thing’ in product development and marketing and leaders looking to create a competitive edge via discovery of innovative experiences should be looking to ID to fuel their innovation efforts" - Insurgency


Inclusive service design workshops

When considering all touch points in your design, it is important to ensure all components of people, infrastructure, communication and materials through to implementation are inclusive. That way the quality and the interaction between you and your customer is maximised and delivers to the most diverse range of people.

Edge user research

We have connections to diverse edge users and community groups. We conduct market research and experience research with people who you typically can’t reach. This research provides rich insight to evolve both products and services.

UX and usability testing

We have strong connections to edge groups from disability to CALD communities. This gives you access to users to test your digital and physical products. Usability provides you with critical interaction insights and design opportunities to improve your products.

Expert advice and support

We can partner with you through your journey in Inclusive Design and help organisations to become inclusion champions. We are proud of our deep client relationships and can work with you on large projects and small to create impact.

Sensory mapping of office and public spaces

Our sensory mapping identifies sensory stimuli such as light, sound, smell and congested areas through heuristics, data collection and user experience research. These maps identify areas of improvement for future development to enhance experience for everyone.

Creating diverse teams with multiple voices

Innovation involves pushing what is accepted, and it takes a diverse set of views to do this. We have a diverse community of people to create bespoke and diverse teams for your projects. We can also help you develop diverse teams in house.

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