Match/Mismatch: Blake

Hi, my name is Blake Lewicki and I suffer from dyslexia.
It’s a reading and writing and spelling issue.

So probably what would be my mismatch would probably be in school
being with not being able to spell or write properly.
Probably the fact or even in a test you can’t really ask.
We’ll get like help for you know being in school you don’t really want to ask the questions of can you spell the most the most easiest word.

Yeah with now Siri and spellcheck and all these things getting brought in.
It’s made my life so much easier just in everything.
It’s helped me even learn more.
Being the words you can’t spell or even just get the first letter for it or
anything like that.
Having Siri has helped me so so much and spell check with computers.
I have only been recently with computers and I was a bit worried there but that’s always
helped me like and like taught me and everything so that’s like a really good thing that has been
brought in.