Match/Mismatch: Elle


So my name’s Elle I’m just currently finishing
a degree in games development recently recently.
Just wrote a report last semester about
discrimination, like racism, sexism, and just
discrimination in games.
And then and then multi player games um specifically as well.
And I guess I just got involved with the center of inclusive design.
Um I was just recommended by by some of the participants to become a
inclusivity Ambassador.
I’ve just been participating and
some a prototype testing that they’ve got and
just in in areas like that.

the gaming industry as an example.
Um there was recently, within the last two years, a game called the last of us part two
And they built into the game a framework of 60 accessibility
features that enabled blind people like hearing impaired
sight impaired people to actually experience and play the game.
And the Last of us Part two is basically a story about a zombie survival game
You’re made to shoot and kill zombies.
Well there’s a narrative component as well.
So it’s really nice to see that they put in 60 different
accessibility features.
I think that’s a good example of a match.
And the features were so profound.
I think I read somewhere that a Youtuber Blind Youtuber
that plays games I think cried when when they went through the 60 list of accessibility
features because they were like, oh well, you know, it’s fantastic.