Mapping the edge cards

3 drawings of people: 1 is Deaf, 1 has an ear infection and one is wearing headphones
3 facts about designing for people who are hard of hearing and the products designed for them

Using our Mapping the Edge cards is a simple way to start designing more inclusively. These cards have not been designed to replace user testing but rather to prompt anyone designing anything to think a little more inclusively.

Above, we've pulled a card as an example for you - the hearing card. At the top of the card is a person with a permanent disability - they are deaf. The bottom left someone with a temporary disability - they have a nasty ear infection. The bottom right is someone wearing headphones - they have a situational disability. If you were designing video to distribute, designing with each of these people in mind will greatly extend the effectiveness of your output. You could decide to provide captioning on screen, a transcript of everything that was said so people can read through it in their own time and if possible, provide some sort of Auslan translation. By designing for the pictured edge users, the functionality, accessibility and inclusivity of your video is expanded.

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