With, Not For

With, Not For (WnF) is an initiative by the Centre for Inclusive Design. Our CEO Dr Manisha Amin facilitates insightful conversations with the people working in and with communities both in Australia and globally to design a world that works for humans. Our guests are transforming the way we think about inclusion in design and how we learn from each other. This podcast explores what the world can look like when we design with, not for and the magic that happens when we do.

With, Not For Ep 5: The Dignity Project with Angel Dixon and Kelsey Chapman

In the latest With, Not For podcast, Manisha Amin speaks with activist and model, Angel Dixon, and Lead Researcher, Kelsey Chapman about their work on The Dignity Project, a community-building project aiming to uncover the meaning of dignity for people…
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With, Not For Ep 3: Busting Binaries with Steph Sands and Mon Shafter

In this episode we chat to Steph Sands, global head of diversity and inclusion at Capgemini, and Mon Shafter, award-winning ABC journalist. They take us through their journeys as members of the LGBTQIA+ community and their experiences in the workplace and media in busting binaries. 
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With not For Ep 1: Building Inclusively for Women, Disability and Rock Stars with Pinar Guvenc

Listen to the podcast In our first ever episode we speak with Pinar Guvenc. Pinar is a partner at SOUR, a human-centric architecture firm based in NY and Istanbul. Pinar is an amazing advocate for Inclusive Design and shares with us some…