We bring together bespoke teams of experts to meet the needs of each project that we work on so you receive tailored insights from people in the know. With strong connections in the Indigenous and recruitment communities, if there is an issue, we know who to call. 

Dr Manisha Amin
Chief Executive officer 

Manisha is the chief strategist and visionary at Centre for Inclusive Design. With a background in strategic marketing, communication, transforming cultures and creativity she is a thought leader in the power of thinking from the edge. Manisha has a unique talent for seeing beyond the horizon to emerging trends, defining them and building powerful communities to bring them in to being. Manisha has completed a Bachelor of Business Marketing, Master’s of Professional Writing and PhD on Communication and Social Enquiry.  

Rebecca Grace
Finance and Projects Manager

Rebecca has extensive experience in senior financial, operational and strategic management roles and has worked in every commercial aspect in entrepreneurial, SME and established organisations. She has diverse technical skills, a unique understanding of business and brings a lifelong fascination with the human experience to her strategic focus at CfID. Rebecca has a Masters degree in Business Administration.

Scott Sumner
Inclusive User Experience Manager

Scott has a background in marketing and communications with a special interest in consumer behaviour and insight.  He has worked with start-ups, financial services, professional services and multinational companies. Scott focuses on empowering others to design with inclusion in mind by embedding capability within businesses and providing insight to organisations. Scott has completed a Bachelor of Communication.

Gordon Melsom
Operations Manager

Gordon brings his expertise, knowledge and skills from a diverse career in Government and project management roles to lead Operations. Gordon finds it very satisfying to facilitate communication between individuals and groups who struggle to connect. He works to his values and is dedicated to helping people and improving lives. Gordon has a Bachelor of Construction Management and a Master’s of Business Administration.

Jack Tyrrell
Client Relationship Manager 

Jack is a seasoned professional and supports organisations to deliver products and services that are accessible and usable for all people. He enjoys developing strong relationships with clients and bringing them on the journey of inclusive design. Jack lost his eyesight at the end of 2011 and has a lived understanding of the challenges faced by people with a disability, as well as the difference accessibility and inclusion can make. Jack has a Bachelor of Commerce

Myles Grancha
Sales Manager

Myles has recently finished a Bachelor of Commerce and is excited about entering into the world of accessibility and inclusion. He is passionate about bringing awareness to issues in the community and tailoring creative solutions to meet his clients needs. Myles previously worked as part of the High School Certificate Program and brings his talent for helping organisations expand their capacity for digital accessibility to CfID.

Alina Butolina
User Experience Designer

Alina’s background in exhibition design, sales and marketing helped her become the UX designer that she is today. She loves collaborating with people and working in diverse teams to solve design challenges. Her ability to solve problems in creative ways is her greatest asset. Having lived the majority of her life overseas, she is truly a world citizen, and design happens to be one of the many languages she speaks. Alina has a Bachelor in Exhibition Design and Museum Studies as well as certification in UX/UI Design.

Michelle Ou
User Experience and Service Designer

Michelle believes that an inclusive mindset is fundamental to design meaningful experiences and solve wicked problems. She creates culturally appropriate, safe spaces for human connection to understand people’s diverse and unique needs. Michelle’s background ranges across healthcare, education, customer experience and technology consulting. She has a Bachelor in Vision Science and Graduate Certificate in Social and Service Design.

Holly Darge
User Experience Designer

Holly has a passion for searching for creative opportunities. She has a long history of work and management in customer-facing roles, and loves meeting and getting to know people from all walks of life. Throughout her studies, Holly has developed an interest in solving complex problems that aim to empower people and their communities through good design. Holly is in her fourth and final year of a Bachelor in Product Design and a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at the University of Technology Sydney.

Anniese Josey
Senior User Experience Designer

Anniese’s passion lies in understanding the human experience to create beautiful, seamless and intuitive user experiences. Her extensive background includes working with a boutique technology agency and global consulting firm, where she led cross-functional design teams. Throughout her career, she has consistently brought a passion for complex problems, curiosity, and her diverse background to put user needs at the heart of experience. Anniese has a Bachelor's in Design Computing.


Dr Scott Hollier
PCWA Lecturer

Dr Scott Hollier specialises in digital accessibility and has project management experience across the not-for-profit, corporate and government sectors. Scott is an internationally recognised researcher and speaker and has been teaching the PCWA course through the University of South Australia since its inception in 2011. Furthermore, Scott is legally blind and as such has both a professional and personal understanding of the importance of accessibility.

Shikha N. Dwivedi
Digital Accessibility Specialist

Shikha is an enthusiastic and experienced Digital Accessibility Specialist. She has worked as a front-end developer for more than nine years. She is passionate about inclusivity and user experience. Shikha works to improve users’ experiences on her client’s websites and mobile applications by ensuring they meet W3C standards and adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Information technology.

Gregory Gibson
Accessible Documents Specialist

Gregory is a seasoned project practitioner, leader, and creator of opportunities. He has had a broad career with roles such as project manager, PMO coordinator, technical support specialist, store-man and disc jockey. As a result, he has a unique ability to understand the impact of change upon various units of a business. Gregory brings this diversity of skills to his work creating accessible documents for clients.


Gabriela Martin
UX Administration Officer

Gabriela has 12 years’ experience in accounting. She enjoys talking with people, sharing and learning new things. In transitioning into the Inclusive Design and accessibility space, she is now responsible for connecting with individuals and communities to recruit users with a wide range of experience and diversity to participate in UX sessions that will help improve product and services for business, governments, and non-profit organisations to gain insights and develop solutions that result in better experiences for everyone.

Angela Tragotsalos
Administrative Assistant

Angela has worked with Centre for Inclusive Design for over 20 years and keeps our office running smoothly. She enjoys being a part of an organisation that continues to make a difference. Angela is legally deaf and has a lived understanding of challenges faced by people with disability and the difference accessibility and inclusion can make. She is also our in-house Auslan coach.

Claire Byrne
Communications and Grants

Claire has recently finished her undergraduate degree and has a keen interest in social equity and understanding the human experience. She has worked as a disability support worker throughout her studies and worked with Ozharvest to establish an accessible volunteering program. Claire has completed a Bachelor of Communication and a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation.

John Suter Linton
Communications Specialist

John has worked in media for over 30 years. He has worked across a variety of institutions including the government sector, not-for-profit, education and health in media management, public affairs, stakeholder management and journalism. He is also an author of seven non-fiction books. John brings his communications expertise to CfID as well as his passion for inclusivity and creating accessible media.

Leila Frijat
Research Assistant

Leila is interested in the potential of design thinking principles in reframing and addressing complex problems. She has a research background in supporting carer inclusion in higher education institutions and knowledge translation. Leila has a Bachelor of Design and a Bachelor of Media with her Design honours research focusing on promoting the social inclusion of culturally and linguistically diverse communities in cultural institutions.

Todd Libby
Accessibility Consultant

Todd is a senior front-end developer with over 20 years experience and is also a member of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). He has worked in front and back-end development roles and focuses on Accessibility. Todd is an Accessibility advocate and believes it should be universally implemented, making the web inclusive and accessible for all.

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