Contacts for captioning

Captioning makes videos accessible to the hard of hearing community; a community that make up over 5% of the population. Here, we list both professional service options and do-it-yourself options.

For videos that you plan to circulate internally or externally, captioning may be required at short notice. These are captioning tools which you can use yourself, on smartphones or computers.

Do-it-yourself captioning tools

Youtube generates captions for an uploaded video, here is a guide to using them. Alternatively use:

  • Apple Clips – live video captioning while you record (free on App store)
  • Zubtitle – generates captions for an uploaded video (this is a paid product)
  • Closed Caption Creator - generates captions for an uploaded video (this is paid product)
  • Amara – manual captioning (this is a free product)

Captioning service providers

These are professional captioning services who have worked with major media outlets.