Inclusive leadership with Leaders for Good

Inclusive leadership with Leaders for Good

Originally published on Leaders for Good

Inclusive leadership is just good leadership.

In this episode we discuss why inclusive leadership matters, why so many leaders and organisations are nervous about taking action on diversity, equity and inclusion. How we are are creating systems that foster a lack of equity, and the power of ‘leading for the edge’ transform organisations.

Manisha Amin is the CEO at The Center for Inclusive Design. She has a background in strategic marketing, communication, transforming cultures and creativity. She is a thought leader in the power of thinking from the edge.

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Together with Leaders for Good, we are co-hosting an Inclusive Leadership online workshop on February 23.

In this workshop we will explore why inclusive leadership is a must have, identify the specific traits of an inclusive leader and provide a roadmap for individuals looking to develop their capacity to lead inclusive organisations.

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