Case study: NSW Department of Customer Service web accessibility


Prior to the public launch of their new website, this NSW government department partnered with Centre for Inclusive Design (CfID) to review their new website against W3C WCAG 2.1 guidelines and to complete a Web Accessibility Audit.

They sought to identify and remediate any issues quickly and efficiently to ensure their service offering was to the highest standards before being released to the Australian public.


Partnering with the Department, our team began with a consultation to identify the representative sample including pages, processes, and documents. The accessibility audit was then completed, aligning the audit and the subsequent report with the 50 success criteria of the globally recognised WCAG 2.1 Level AA standards. CFID used both automatic tools and manual testing, across 4 commonly used browsers and on both desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

In addition to the accessibility audit, the Department also procured an Accessibility Implementation Review including an accessibility statement. This secondary test cycle ensured that all identified issues had been fixed.


After the completion of the implementation review the websites compliance score was 98%.
The Department can confidently report that their website is WCAG 2.1 level ‘AA’ compliant.

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