Vale John Losco

17 December 2019

It is with deep sadness that we wish to acknowledge the passing of Board Member John Losco.  John Losco was the longest serving member of the board of directors. He joined the board of the Australia Caption Centre in 1994 and has been a dedicated director ever since. John was an active and engaged member of the board and helped steer the organisation though its transition to Media Access Australia and then Centre for Inclusive Design. He has been a strong advocate of people with disability. He thoughtfully challenged ideas and tactfully introduced new approaches.    Johnwill be dearly missed for his foresight and more importantly his humour, generosity and wisdom.

It’s a testament to his commitment to both the organisation and cause that John continued to be an active member of the board through his battle with cancer. This love of life and the people around him shone through not only in his work as a board member but in his strong love for his family. We know that his fighting spirit and optimism lives on. He was both a valued member of the board, the organisation and the community.