Inclusive Innovation Program

This world-class intensive has been used by heads of government, industry and in the innovation sector. 

Inclusive Innovation Program

A bespoke program using international best-practice to connect organisations with both customers and edge thinking to innovate through inclusive design. This world-class intensive has been used by heads of government, industry and in the innovation sector.  This workshop will provide a new framework as well as practical examples of how to embed inclusive design into practice.

The Experience

This three-day immersive, delivered by Centre for Inclusive Design, has been co-designed in Australia using the globally recognised work of the Inclusive Design Research Centre. Inclusive design is used by the UN, leading technology companies, FMCG’s, politicians and global leaders. Our methodology is designed to engage organisations in a new way of combining innovation and customer experience to meet, create and connect with new markets.

Inclusive design is used by the UN, leading technology companies, FMCG’s, politicians and global leaders.

The three-day format allows participants to maximise their understanding of other perspectives and hear the voice of their customers, who will be in the room with them. The three days also gives ample team building time while developing new skills and practices to grow the business.

Throughout the program, participants will undertake self-reflection, group discussion, forum discussions, case study analysis, simulation activities, immersive experiences, and hands-on practice with real examples.

On successful completion of the program, participants will not only have the start of a project, they will have a way to take their organisation on a journey to embed inclusion for greater returns and innovation.


The benefits of this program are:

  • Adopt a unique behavioural change approach to driving innovation in an organisation through inclusion;
  • Immediately apply the tools and learnings;
  • Gain an understanding of how experience and innovation can work to build more options and opportunities
  • Gain an experiential understanding of others and the power of diverse perspectives
  • have the resources required to embed practice in the organisation;
  • Develop a Community of Practice and network with like-minded professionals;
  • Be part of an active community working on the bleeding edge of new technology, innovation and inclusion

How it works

The course will be run over three days. The participants will include staff from a range of areas, customers and those who aren’t customers but could be. Participants and /or the project leaders will be interviewed prior to the start to gain an understanding of the group and the key areas to address.

The workshop will be tailored to the specific group. The key stages of the workshop focus around:

Orientation  –  Framing –  Ideation –  Iteration – Optimization

Using activities, insights, practices and tools as well as experiences to aid in learning.

Day one: understand the principles of inclusive design

  • Recognize diversity and uniqueness
  • What is so unique about those on the edge?
  • Benefit and impact, scarcity and abundance
  • Inclusion activity

Day two: understanding your customers and the people missing out

  • So where are your biases
  • Seeing the obvious
  • Listening participating and co-designing
  • Dinner in community

Day three: co-design and innovate.

  • Inclusive processes and tools
  • Walking the talk

The Business Case for Inclusive Design

  • when we focus on difficulties rather than disability over 50% of your customers are struggling
  • inclusive design harnesses the power of individuals to bring unique perspectives to innovation
  • there is revenue in uniqueness

Using inclusive design isn’t just beneficial; it’s a major factor of success in the modern business landscape.

Organisations that seek, celebrate, and embrace diversity have very real advantages over their competitors.

Customer Experience

Forrester research shows frustration and exclusion reduces commercial success by impacting on poor customer experience.

The cost of change increases exponentially throughout the design and development lifecycle of a product, these costs can be minimised by ensuring a thorough understanding of the real user and business needs at the start of the design process which is achieved utilising inclusive design methodology.

Innovation Through Design

By using insight from an edge user, you can create cutting-edge offerings for all.

Inclusive design provides a competitive edge by bringing organisations closer to their customers whilst growing capability in inclusion and innovation. Inclusive design has grown out of the technology sector and individualisation trends with the rise of social impact.

Post Program

Each participant receives:

  • Training slide pack and materials
  • A new way of working
  • Ability to take the ideas and methodology back into the work setting
  • 1 hr of consulting to support the work moving forward