User Experience Solutions

Incorporate accessibility into your user experience.

User Experience Solutions

Centre for Inclusive Design offers UX Solutions for all business with the aim of helping to create solid, stable designs that incorporate digital accessibility aspects. Centre for Inclusive Design believes that UX accessibility design needs to be incorporated from the earliest stage of development to ensure robust website design. Our process includes:

  • incorporating agile design method to continually check and maintain accessibility across builds
  • comprehensive reporting and delivering to your teams to ensure no gaps in knowledge occur
  • design advice from our vault of experts the give you the bleeding edge solutions

As part of the UX Solutions, Centre for Inclusive Design also offers comprehensive Usability Testing. We can provide a well-rounded user experience test group and ethnographic research team that broadens the traditional parameters of how this research is conducted. Testing across this broad range of demographics will ensure you create a more useful, inclusive product.

Our testing group includes:

  • Blind users utilising different screen readers
  • Low vision users utilising magnification and high contrast tools
  • Low mobility users utilising both keyboard and voice controls
  • Cognitive disabilities
  • Elderly users
  • English as a second language users
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Our usability testing can provide both video interviews and transcripts with testers detailing their experiences and issues encountered. We refer back to UX design principles and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines whenever possible in our reports to ensure you receive the best practice guidance.