Mapping the edge cards

Designing products and services with the edge in mind pushes us to be more innovative, creating better user experiences for everyone. Our mapping the edge cards are a simple way to start thinking about designing more inclusively. 

Our mapping the edge cards have been designed to facilitate discussion around design opportunities and failures, which can be explored in more detail by working with edge users. They are not designed to provide the rich experience or insight of a person with lived experience. However, they can be used to start thinking about how designing for edge users can provide benefits to others.

At least 5 million Australians are vulnerable to exclusion based on the number of Australians living with disability and the elderly alone. If we consider that everyone is susceptible to temporary or situational disability, 25 million Australians could be excluded depending on the situation, even if the individual doesn't live with a permanent disability.

Products, services and environments that are designed with the edge in mind often have a broader positive impact and achieve impact beyond the direct beneficiary of the design. When we design with unique needs in mind, organisations have the potential to reach 4x the number of intended audiences.

Sorry, our cards are out of stock but will be back soon!

The Centre for Inclusive Design exists to help organisations and industries embody Inclusive Design and they have a range of consultation services to assist in the transition. Please contact us to learn more.


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