Media Access Australia is now Centre for Inclusive Design

A mural of two interconnected hands, painted in vibrant colours

Hi there! The site that you tried to reach is associated with Media Access Australia. In 2017, Media Access Australia pivoted to become Centre for Inclusive Design.

Our mission grew from one that was solely about driving digital accessibility in Australia to one that now seeks to make inclusivity the norm in design processes.

Centre for Inclusive Design (CfID) helps people create policies, products, services and experiences, with inclusivity in mind. We deliver outcomes of the highest standard for our partners so we have an ever-growing evidence base for the benefits of Inclusive Design and so our vision of more people accessing and using the services and products they need can come to fruition.

Explore our CfID site and get in touch with us if you were trying to access a specific resource from our Media Access Australia days so that we can get you the right information.