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Exclusive 10% discount for ACS members 


ACS members now have exclusive access to a 10% discount to the Centre for Inclusive Design’s inclusive design training and research.

Centre for Inclusive Design (CfID) is proud to partner with ACS, the leading professional association for Australia's technology professionals, working across industry. Together, we’re promoting a digital world, free from barriers so everyone can participate fully. Gain key inclusion skills and knowledge and become part of the movement to build a world that works for everyone. Check out the discounted courses available to you below and learn why this training is so valuable.

Why is this training so valuable?

Inclusive Design offers a platform for deep innovation that can open markets from 80% to 100% of customers. Let's make a world that works for everyone by creating user-friendly and accessible products and services for:

  • people with disability
  • culturally and linguistically diverse communities
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • the elderly, people in rural or remote areas as well as;
  • others neglected or excluded from mainstream design practices.

What courses do ACS members get a 10% discount on? 

Enjoy 10% discounts on Centre for Inclusive Design’s courses and training, including our: 

User Research Service

Centre for Inclusive Design has connections to diverse users and community groups. We conduct market research and experience research with people you typically can’t reach. By the process of asking questions and/or focus grouping, we ensure you have rich insight to evolve your products and services for the better. 

Usability Testing Service

Imagine the design opportunities and insights gained through user testing with people you usually can’t reach. Get direct insights from people with disability, CALD communities, the elderly and others so you can create a product or service that works for everyone. Our strong community connections and ethically testing service will make this vision a reality. 

Digital Accessibility Review

Enjoy the benefits of our expert team checking the accessibility of your digital assets and gain practical solutions for easy implementation. Our auditors have over 15 years' experience in WCAG (2.1 & 2.2 AA/AAA) auditing and review. We’ll also check your changes via an accessibility implementation review. Plus, you get an accessibility statement for your site. 

Accessible Content Training

Learn to create accessible PDFs, Word, Excel and PowerPoints. Our accessibility experts give practice tools to “build” accessibility into documents so you and your team can do it all in-house.

Delivered online or in person. Alternatively, this flexible workshop can also be completed through self-paced modules.

Like to learn more?  

Simply send us a message via the form on the right and we will be in touch. By selecting the #ACSDiscount10% prompt, our team will know you are eligible for the 10% discount. We can give you info about any of these courses, including which is best suited to your needs.

You can learn more about the benefits of inclusive design here.

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