Dr Manisha Amin

As CEO, Manisha is the chief strategist and visionary at Centre for Inclusive Design. With a background in strategic marketing, communication, transforming cultures and creativity she is a thought leader in the power of thinking from the edge.

Manisha has a unique talent for seeing beyond the horizon to emerging trends, defining them and building powerful communities to bring them in to being.

Manisha previously worked in the technology sector and with various government departments in environmental advocacy. With over 20 yrs experience in strategic marketing, communication, transforming cultures and creativity, she brings together an impressive team of industry experts and global partners to focus on the areas ripe for disruption where we can make the greatest impact.

She is passionate about social justice and business growth, and believes that when we combine the two we get gold. She has a PhD in Arts and Social Science, a Masters in Professional Writing, and a Bachelor of Business (Marketing), from the University of Technology, Sydney. Manisha is also on the Board of ADHD Australia and is a published novelist