Innovation occurs when barriers exist. It is about seeing the world with a different lens.

The beauty is that by designing for the edge, all users can benefit. Inclusive policy and community citizenship is changing the way we find innovative solutions in today’s complex economy.

Inclusive design is the ‘next big thing’ in product development and marketing and leaders looking to create a competitive edge via discovery of innovative experiences should be looking to ID to fuel their innovation efforts" - Insurgency


Inclusive service design workshops

We work with you to ensure that service design considers both the edge user – the person missing out – to create innovative access for them and extend it to all.  

Edge user research

Hearing from people that are excluded leads to a deep understanding of baked in issues that may be accepted as the norm. When we challenge these from an edge user perspective with you, we reach innovative solutions that extend to all.

UX and usability testing

CfID tests usability both from an experience perspective as well as assessing accessibility, which leads to unique insight that births innovative solutions. 

Expert advice and support

We can come with you on the journey from ideation stage to ensure Inclusive Design methodology is embedded into what you are delivering.  

Sensory mapping of office and public spaces

When people are in the right environment, they can flourish. In an open office, where are the best spaces for people to work depending on their diverse needs? 

Creating diverse teams with multiple voices

Innovation intrinsically involves pushing what is accepted and it takes a diverse set of views to do this. CfID have a diverse web of people that can be brought in, but we can also help you develop diversity in house. 

Collaboration Partners

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