Customer Experience

Inclusive Design can provide rich context-dependent insight across the digital and physical worlds. The process also helps teams to co-design and 'bake in inclusion'.  We can help you at any stage of your customer experience journey and we specialise in helping teams to do this work internally.  

CfID are knowledgeable, flexible and focused on getting the best outcome through working in partnership with us to develop our capabilities - Choice


User experience

Take into account the experiences of a diverse range of users and testing usability from a lived experience viewpoint. Uncover innovative opportunities and ensure that your product meets the expectations of the widest range of users.

Edge user research

We have connections to diverse edge users and community groups. We conduct market research and experience research with people who you typically can’t reach. This research provides rich insight to evolve both products and services.

Sensory mapping

Our sensory mapping identifies sensory stimuli such as light, sound, smell and congested areas through heuristics, data collection and user experience research. These maps identify areas of improvement for future development to enhance experience for everyone.

Inclusive service design

When considering all touch points in your design, it is important to ensure all components of people, infrastructure, communication and materials through to implementation are inclusive. That way the quality and the interaction between you and your customer is maximised and delivers to the most diverse range of people.

Expert advice and support

We can partner with you through your journey in Inclusive Design and help organsision to become inclusion champions.We are proud of our deep client relationships and can work with you on large projects and small to create impact.

Collaboration Partners

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