Insight connects organisations with participants they can’t normally reach. If your organisation wants high quality, rich insights and to create inclusive solutions that work for everyone, you’ve come to the right place.  

Unlike traditional market research, testing with our participants ensures your solutions are useful and usable by groups that sit on the edges of society. These insights will ensure you create inclusive solution that not only work for those on the margins, but mainstream groups as well.  

By bringing in a diverse range of users you will have a better understanding of the problem you are trying to solve. You will also uncover new insights, by hearing from diverse perspectives often excluded in traditional design processes.  

You will discover issues early in the design phase and solve problems affecting a significant portion of users. The outcome will be solution that ensures the broadest range of people can use and naviage your products, services and environments.  

How does it work?

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You walk away with insights you wouldn't find with any other platform

What is an edge user?

The term ‘edge user’, refers to someone who hasn’t been considered in the design of a product, service or environment. Commonly these users sit in traditionally marginalised communities. It is used in a range of settings when a product, service, or environment doesn’t meet someone's needs. It is not a static term. Who is an edge user depends on context. It is used in a range of settings when a product, service, or environment doesn’t meet someone's needs. It is not a static term.  

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What makes us different

  • We have strong connections with edge communities  
  • Our approach is human-centered, so you and the participants have the best experience possible.  
  • We have experience and will be honest about what is achievable from the outset.  
  • We keep you updated every step of the way and will give you updates about how recruitment is going.  
  • We understand people are people, and often life gets in the way. We’ll always recommend over-recruiting to ensure you get the results you need.  

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Interested in our user testing database? Regardless of the industry, size, or scope of your project, we can help.

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‘Inclusive design seems aspirational, yet is imminently achievable and immensely important in our everyday lives. Most particularly, by engaging in design, people with varied lived experience to bring the rich diversity of human existence to all that we create.'
Centre for Disability Studies

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