Insight, by Centre for Inclusive Design, is a platform for connecting people who use the world with the people who create it. It connects participants with organisations undertaking user research and market research, to create more inclusive products, services, and environments. 

Connecting creators of the world with people who use it. 

For participants

Give your feedback on products, services and experiences and help shape the world of tomorrow, by making sure it works for you.

For organisations

If you want to connect with audiences you can't normally reach and create solutions for everyone, you've come to the right place.

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Insight is a platform for user research and user testing. Centre for Inclusive Design has connections with edge users and organisations, and Insight is how we bring the two together. We connect the creators of the world with the users of the world they can’t typically reach.  

For businesses it’s a platform for research and testing products, services and environments with a diverse range of users. The insights from the edge will ensure your designs are useful and usable for the broadest possible range of people. 

For participants, Insight is a way to get paid for your lived experiences and opinions and be involved in designing a more inclusive tomorrow. 

“Through a platform like Insight, people like me who fall through the cracks, have an opportunity to contribute, design, and create change. It's empowering.” Insight participant

“Inclusive companies will be the innovators, the market leaders of the future. Designing and building for and with people, rather than for people, leads to innovation” Xceptional 

Collaboration Partners

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