Testimonials (page 3)

National Project Manager, 1800RESPECT (Libbi Cunnington)

We appreciate the guidance and practical advice and support that was provided by the Centre for Inclusive design in the development of a new app for women with disabilities for 1800RESPECT. We found the Centre for Inclusive Design to be thoughtful, robust and collaborative and we have confidence that we have a delivered a great product that has an excellent accessibility standards.

National Project Manager, 1800RESPECT

Chief Executive Officer, Insurgence Group (Matt Tice)

Inclusive Design is the ‘next big thing’ in product development and marketing and leaders looking to create a competitive edge via discovery of innovative experiences should be looking to Inclusive Design to fuel their innovation efforts.  CfID is a leading authority on Inclusive Design and should be your first port of call to seek advice on how it can be applied in your organisation to turbocharge your innovation program.

Chief Executive Officer, Insurgence Group

Collaboration Partners

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