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Accessibility Assessment

Digital Accessibility Maturity Assessment

A Digital Accessibility Maturity Assessment (DAMA) allows organisations to understand how advanced their business processes and practices are in addressing the legal and policy requirement to make digital media – websites, apps, documents, video and content – accessible to the broadest possible audience. This includes people with disabilities, older Australians, those from non-English-speaking backgrounds and those with varying levels of education.

The use of a maturity model allows your organisation to have its methods and processes assessed according to management best practice, against a clear set of external benchmarks. The assessment process provides an understanding of how advanced your organisation is by the attainment of a particular ‘Maturity Level’.

Evaluate, Test, Check.

The report is structured around seven key digital accessibility areas, and one of five possible levels of maturity is applied to each of these areas, where Level One is the least mature, and Level Five is the most mature.

The detailed report examines the risk associated with these levels and puts forward key priority actions for these risks.

The Digital Accessibility Maturity Assessment makes practical recommendations that can assist you in embedding accessibility principles into daily work practices to maximise consumer engagement and satisfaction, cost savings and efficiency gains.

Get a snapshot of your business

A key benefit is that the Digital Accessibility Maturity Scorecard provides an instant snapshot of how far along the accessibility journey your organisation has come and highlights the path which must be followed to achieve Digital Accessibility Optimisation. This is an extremely useful tool to present at executive or board level and will help in making accessibility decisions moving forward.

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