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Round Table Create Guidelines for E-Text

Round Table has created new guidelines for creating accessible E-Texts. When Round Table began the revision of their E-Text guidelines they quickly discovered that a complete refresh would better serve the community. The new guidelines, released in May, better reflect the advancements of E-Text whilst removing irrelevant sections or references to better inform the audience.

To download the new Guidelines for Producing Accessible E-Text (2018), please use one of the links below:

Centre for Inclusive Design would like to extend and reiterate the amazing work of the following people who reviewed this work and made this possible:

  • Chris Goj, Blind Foundation, New Zealand
  • Jessica King, Vision Australia
  • Michelle Knight, RIDBC
  • Sonali Marathe, RIDBC
  • Vithya Vijayakumare, VisAbility, Perth
  • Dinesh Burah, VisAbility, Perth (Chairperson)

Please note, this piece of work has been fully managed, funded and pursued by Round Table - Centre for Inclusive Design are advocating for their work. For more information on Round Table, please visit their website www.printdisability.org.

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