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Jennifer Mulveny

Director, Government Relations Asia Pacific


Given the strong emphasis that Adobe places on the importance of designing for everyone everywhere, our partnership with CFID has been instrumental in helping to evangelize the benefits of inclusive design in Australia.  Like CFID, Adobe prides itself on integrating inclusive design practices across every aspect of the customer experience, regardless of where and how they work, live, shop or play. The research that Adobe has supported in partnership with CFID on the benefits of designing inclusively across the Australian economy demonstrates the success in moving the needle on incorporating diversity thinking into every aspect of Australian lives.       

Alan Kirkland

Chief Executive Officer


Every organisation should be incorporating inclusive design into its practices because inclusive design leads to better outcomes for all of your users. Our team loves working with CFID because they are knowledgeable, flexible and focussed on getting the best outcome through working in partnership with us to develop our capabilities.

Catherine Peterson

Operations & Communications Director

Diversity Council Australia

Inclusive design should be a priority for all organisations but it is not always a straight forward process and involves an investment of time, effort and expertise. Diversity Council Australia has been delighted to use the services of the Centre for Inclusive Design to ensure our website meets appropriate accessibility standards. We have also drawn upon their invaluable expertise to bring insights on the benefits of inclusive design to a wider community of DCA members.

Ensuring website accessibility should be a priority for all organisations. It is not a straight forward process and involves an investment of time, effort and expertise. To be assured that it has been done successfully requires a thorough review against the W3C standards outlined by the international Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). DCA was delighted to access the services of the Centre for Inclusive Design to assist us in this review to ensure our website meets appropriate accessibility standards.

Matt Tice

Chief Executive Officer

Insurgence Group

Inclusive design is the ‘next big thing’ in product development and marketing and leaders looking to create a competitive edge via discovery of innovative experiences should be looking to ID to fuel their innovation efforts.  CFID is a leading authority on ID and should be your first port of call to seek advice on how ID can be applied in your organisation to turbocharge your innovation program

Zi Siang See

Interactive Design

Interaction Design | AR VR Research, School of Creative Industries, Faculty of Education and Arts

SMARTlab and School of Creative Industries from the University of Newcastle have been working with the Center for Inclusive Design in various community engagement initiatives. One of the key collaborations is to look at how assistive and emerging technologies can be used to develop a Virtual Reality (VR) museum gallery experience. This is an on-going project and such initiative has allowed us to combine immersive technology and social-good elements. We look forward to exploring more with CFID in many coming projects.

Teresa Vaccaro

Managing Editor

NPS Medicine Wise

I am very happy to recommend Centre for Inclusive Design to prospective clients. They are experts in accessibility, are friendly and professional to deal with, and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure your products are the best they can be.

Alyce Umback


Diversity and Inclusion NSW Public Service Commission

CFID managed their involvement in our e-Learning project well and provided the audit results in a timely and clear manner with excellent post-audit support. We would use their services again.

Libbi Cunnington

National Project Manager


We appreciate the guidance and practical advice and support that was provided by the Centre for Inclusive design in the development of a new app for womenwith disabilities for 1800RESPECT. We found the Centre for Inclusive design to be thoughtful, robust and collaborative and have confidence that we have a delivered a great product that has an excellent accessibility standards.

Kat Holmes


Mismatch Design

We worked with the Centre for Inclusive Design to conduct a thorough accessibility review of our website. Their experienced team worked fast to provide a detailed, actionable, and affordable report that is guiding our redesign. Looking forward to partnering again as the site evolves!