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Centre for Inclusive Design, formerly Media Access Australia (MAA), has a rich history in the traditional disability sector both advocating and providing solutions for over 35 years. MAA was formed out of the Australian Caption Centre (ACC), a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1982. The ACC aimed to promote and produce captioning for deaf or hearing impaired Australians. At the Centre’s creation, captions were non-existent on Australian TV, the organisation grew to provide captioning services on TV, video and DVD in Australia. In 2005, the Centre sold its commercial operations including the captioning services to Red Bee Media and formed Media Access Australia.

As MAA, the focus broadened to those disadvantaged in access to media. In the digital age, the role of media and communication grew to include accessibility across digital communication as well as traditional communication. MAA focussed strongly on advocating and providing digital accessibility for Australia in websites, documents and videos. As the role of technology in our lives has grown, MAA realised they needed to tackle design issues in the conception stage and thus created Centre for Inclusive Design.